/krokt/, adj. Slang.
[1925-30, Amer.; CROCK2 + -ED2]

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  • crocked — adj. drunk, inebriated. Opposite of {sober}. [slang] Syn: blotto, fuddled, loaded, pissed, pixilated, plastered, potty, slopped, sloshed, smashed, soused, sozzled, squiffy, stiff, tiddly, tiddley, tight, tipsy, wet. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • crocked — [krɔkt US kra:kt] adj [not before noun] [Date: 1900 2000; Origin: Probably from crock to weaken (19 20 centuries), from crock old or worn out animal (15 20 centuries), probably from a Scandinavian language] 1.) BrE old fashioned injured or broken …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • crocked — [ krakt ] adjective AMERICAN INFORMAL drunk …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • crocked — ☆ crocked [kräkt] adj. [pp. of crock, to disable, injure, prob. < or akin to CROCK ] Slang drunk; intoxicated …   English World dictionary

  • crocked — [krakt] mod. alcohol intoxicated. □ What do you get out of getting crocked ery night? □ Oh, my God! You’re crocked again! …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • Crocked — Crock Crock, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Crocked} (kr[o^]kt); p. pr. & vb. n. {Crocking}.] To soil by contact, as with soot, or with the coloring matter of badly dyed cloth. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • crocked —    drunk    From drinking out of too many crocks, or from being injured by the excesses:     In New York they prefer to arrive crocked... sorry, smashed... and sober up during the interview. (B. Forbes, 1972)    Rarely, a crock is a drunkard …   How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms

  • crocked — adjective (never before noun) 1 BrE old fashioned injured or broken 2 AmE spoken drunk: Don t mind Roger. He s always crocked by noon …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • crocked — adjective Date: circa 1927 drunk 1a …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • crocked — adjective a) drunk (of a person) b) injured (of a person) …   Wiktionary

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