crab spider

crab spider
any crab-shaped spider of the family Thomisidae, characterized by its sideways manner of moving.

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 family of spiders (order Araneida) that are crablike in shape and, like many crabs, often walk sideways or backward. The family, which is worldwide in distribution, contains many common species that live on the soil surface, in leaf litter, or under bark. About 125 species occur in the United States.

      The body of most crab spiders is gray or brown in colour and is about 12 mm (0.5 inch) long. They do not spin a web but instead wait in hiding for prey. Members of Misumena and Misumenoides, common North American genera, are found chiefly in open spaces, on plants, or on fences. Misumena vatia, found on flowers, is white or yellow with a red stripe on the side of the abdomen. Over a period of several days it can change colour to match that of the flower on which it rests.

      Other spiders sometimes known as crab spiders are found in the families Platoridae, Heteropodidae, and Selenopidae.

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