Corn Law

Corn Law
Eng. Hist.
any of the laws regulating domestic and foreign trading of grain, the last of which was repealed in 1846.

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▪ British history
      in English history, any of the regulations governing the import and export of grain. Records mention the imposition of Corn Laws as early as the 12th century. The laws became politically important in the late 18th century and the first half of the 19th century, during the grain shortage caused by Britain's growing population and by the blockades imposed in the Napoleonic Wars. The Corn Laws were finally repealed in 1846, a triumph for the manufacturers, whose expansion had been hampered by protection of grain, against the landed interests.

      After 1791, protective legislation, combined with trade prohibitions imposed by war, forced grain prices to rise sharply. A bad harvest in 1795 led to food riots; there was a prolonged crisis during 1799–1801, and the period from 1805 to 1813 saw a sequence of bad harvests and high prices. From 1815, when an act attempted to fix prices, to 1822, grain prices fluctuated, and continuing protection was increasingly unpopular. The Anti-Corn Law League, founded in Manchester in 1839, began to mobilize the industrial middle classes against the landlords, and the league's leader, Richard Cobden, was able to influence the prime minister, Sir Robert Peel. The failure of the Irish potato crop in 1845 convinced Peel to support the repeal of all Corn Laws, which was achieved in 1846. Regulation again became necessary in 1902, when a minimal duty was imposed on imported grain and flour, and in 1932, when British-grown wheat was protected by statute in recognition of an increasing dependence on foreign imports.

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