/kawr"dee euh ruyt'/, n.
a strongly dichroic blue mineral consisting of a silicate of magnesium, aluminum, and iron: common in metamorphic rocks. Also called dichroite, iolite.
[1805-15; named after Pierre L. A. Cordier (1777-1861), French geologist; see -ITE1]

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also called  dichroite  or  iolite 
 blue silicate mineral that occurs as crystals or grains in igneous rocks. It typically occurs in thermally altered clay-rich sediments surrounding igneous intrusions and in schists and paragneisses. Precambrian deposits of the Laramie Range, Wyo., U.S., contain more than 500,000 tons of cordierite. Cordierite is sometimes called dichroite because of its marked pleochroism (different coloured light is transmitted in different directions). For chemical formula and detailed physical properties, see silicate mineral (table).

      The natural mineral has little commercial use. When clear, cordierite is sometimes cut as a gem; the stones from the gem gravels of Sri Lanka have been called water sapphires. Synthetic magnesium cordierite has a low thermal expansion and is used as a semirefractory material because of its resistance to thermal shock.

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