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  • Concoctive — Con*coct ive, a. Having the power of digesting or ripening; digestive. [1913 Webster] Hence the concoctive powers, with various art, Subdue the cruder aliments to chyle. J. Armstrong. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • concoctive — adjective see concoct …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • concoctive — adjective a) Of or pertaining to digestion; digestive b) Of or pertaining to concoction …   Wiktionary

  • concoctive — con·coc·tive …   English syllables

  • concoctive — ktiv adjective Etymology: concoction + ive : of or relating to concoction …   Useful english dictionary

  • concoct — transitive verb Etymology: Latin concoctus, past participle of concoquere to cook together, from com + coquere to cook more at cook Date: 1675 1. to prepare by combining raw materials < concoct a recipe > 2. devise, fabricate …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • concoct — concocter, concoctor, n. concoctive, adj. /kon kokt , keuhn /, v.t. 1. to prepare or make by combining ingredients, esp. in cookery: to concoct a meal from leftovers. 2. to devise; make up; contrive: to concoct an excuse. [1525 35; < L concoctus… …   Universalium

  • ÉPOPÉE — Poème épique.     Puisque épos signifiait discours chez les Grecs, un poème épique était donc un discours; et il était en vers, parce que ce n était pas encore la coutume de raconter en prose. Cela paraît bizarre, et n en est pas moins vrai. Un… …   Dictionnaire philosophique de Voltaire

  • inventive — adj 1. creative, imaginative, originative, visionary, inspired, concoctive, devising, contriving, composing, shaping, making; talented, artistic, endowed, gifted; original, fanciful, ingenious, resourceful; clever, quick, sharp, able, adept,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • concoct — /kənˈkɒkt / (say kuhn kokt), /kəŋ / (say kuhng ) verb (t) 1. to make by combining ingredients, as in cookery: to concoct a soup; to concoct a dinner. 2. to prepare; make up; contrive: to concoct a story. {Latin concoctus, past participle, cooked… …   Australian-English dictionary

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