chromophoric /kroh'meuh fawr"ik, -for"ik/, adj.
/kroh"meuh fawr', -fohr'/, n.
any chemical group that produces color in a compound, as the azo group -N=N-.
[1875-80; CHROMO- + -PHORE]

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      a group of atoms and electrons forming part of an organic molecule that causes it to be coloured.

      Correlations between the structural features of chemical compounds and their colours have been sought since about 1870, when it was noted that quinones and aromatic azo and nitro compounds often are highly coloured and that the colours are diminished or destroyed when the compounds are hydrogenated. The ability of a compound to take up hydrogen, called unsaturation, is caused by the presence of electrons that are not strongly fixed in covalent bonds between particular pairs of atoms but occupy larger regions of space (molecular orbitals) that may be associated with several atoms. These electrons can absorb energy from light over a certain range of wavelengths in the visible region; transmission or reflection of the remainder of the light gives rise to the observed colour of the compound. Deep coloration results if several chromophores are closely joined in the same molecule or if another group, called an auxochrome, is present.

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