/shi fon", shif"on/, n.
1. a sheer fabric of silk, nylon, or rayon in plain weave.
2. any women's dress ornament, as ribbon or lace.
3. (of dresses, scarves, etc.) resembling or made of chiffon.
4. (in cooking) having a light, frothy texture, as certain pies and cakes containing beaten egg whites.
[1755-65; < F, equiv. to chiffe rag ( < Ar shiff sheer fabric) + -on n. suffix]

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      in textiles, lightweight, sheer fabric of plain weave, usually of silk or one of the synthetic fibres. Although delicate in appearance, it is a relatively strong, balanced fabric and can be dyed or printed for use in dresses, millinery, scarves, and lampshades. The word chiffon is also used as a modifier to mean a lightweight or softly draping condition—e.g., chiffon velvet and chiffon taffeta.

      In Romania chiffon is a bleached cotton shirting. In Germany and Austria it is a stout, fine, plainwoven linen fabric of smooth finish, used for making shirts and underwear.

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