casterless, adj.
/kas"teuhr, kah"steuhr/, n.
1. a person or thing that casts.
2. a small wheel on a swivel, set under a piece of furniture, a machine, etc., to facilitate moving it.
3. a bottle or cruet for holding a condiment.
4. a stand containing a set of such bottles.
5. a metal container for sugar, pepper, etc., having a perforated top to permit sprinkling; dredger; muffineer.
6. Auto. the angle that the kingpin makes with the vertical. Automobiles are usually designed with the upper end of the kingpin inclined rearward (positive caster) for improved directional stability.
7. (of a wheel) to swivel freely in a horizontal plane.
Also, castor (for defs. 2-5).
[1300-50; ME; see CAST1, -ER1]

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