butyric acid

butyric acid
either of two isomeric acids having the formula C4H8O2, esp. a rancid liquid occurring chiefly in spoiled butter, whose esters are used as flavorings. Also called butanoic acid.

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also called  butanoic acid 

      a fatty acid occurring in the form of esters (ester) in animal fats and plant oils. As a glyceride (an ester containing an acid and glycerol), it makes up 3–4 percent of butter; the disagreeable odour of rancid butter is that of hydrolysis of the butyric acid glyceride. The acid is of considerable commercial importance as a raw material in the manufacture of esters of lower alcohols (alcohol) for use as flavouring agents; its anhydride is used to make cellulose butyrate, a useful plastic. Butyric acid is manufactured by catalyzed air oxidation of butanal (butyraldehyde).

      Butyric acid is a colourless liquid, soluble in water and miscible with common organic solvents; it freezes at −7.9 °C (17.8 °F) and boils at 163.5 °C (326.3 °F). An isomer, 2-methylpropanoic (isobutyric) acid, (CH3)2CHCO2H, is found both in the free state and as its ethyl ester in a few plant oils. Although it is commercially less important than butyric acid, it is generally similar to butyric acid; it freezes at −46.1 °C (−51 °F) and boils at 153.2 °C (307.8 °F).

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