/book"buyn'ding/, n.
the process or art of binding books.
[1765-75; BOOK + BINDING]

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Joining together of leaves of paper, parchment, or vellum within covers to form a book or codex.

Bookbinding developed when the codex replaced the roll. Early bindings were often splendidly decorated, but the typical artistic bookbinding is of decorated leather and was first produced in the monasteries of Egypt's Coptic Church. Rare books, historical documents, and manuscripts may be bound by hand. The cover (case) of the typical book is now affixed to the leaves by machine.

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 the joining together of a number of leaves or folios (most frequently of paper, parchment, or vellum) within covers to form a codex or book, as opposed to a roll or scroll.

      Bookbinding began when the codex started to replace the roll. The earliest elaborately decorated bookbindings were those produced for use on church altars. Those that survive are often magnificent examples of the jeweller's, goldsmith's, ivory carver's, or embroiderer's arts. But the typical artistic bookbinding is of decorated leather, an art first practiced in the monasteries of the Coptic Church in Egypt.

      Hand bindery work includes the making of fine-tooled bindings, binding reference books and books of special economic or personal value, and the repair of rare manuscripts, early printed books, and historical documents. In machine bookbinding, casing-in, or affixing the book into its cover (case), is done entirely by semiautomatic or fully automatic machines. The sheets from the press are first folded into sections, or signatures (delivered often as folded sections of 64 pages, or as two 32-page sections, or as four 16-page sections). End sheets (or papers) may be attached to the first and last sections of the book, and systems are designed to sew sections together or fasten them by gluing (called “perfect” binding in the U.S.). Larger books, such as encyclopaedia volumes and other reference books, are usually side sewn (side-sewing machines drill holes through the books, and stitching is done through prepared holes). Other steps, many of which are often linked in automated systems, are “smashing and nipping” (in order to reduce swell and bring the books down to uniform size), trimming, edge colouring, rounding the backs of books, jacketing and packaging, and wrapping and addressing for mailing. For paperback books, which may be produced on lines similar to those for a case-bound book, specialist binderies have developed combination units that eliminate separate handling for each operation.

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