black spot

black spot
/blak" spot"/ for 1; /blak" spot'/ for 2
1. Plant Pathol. a disease of plants, characterized by black spots on the fruit and foliage, twig lesions, defoliation, and rotting, caused by any of several fungi, as Diplocarpon rosae, or bacteria.
2. Brit.
a. a hazardous place in a road where accidents frequently occur.
b. a dangerous area or place.
Also, blackspot.

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also spelled  blackspot,  
 common disease of several plants that is caused by species of Pseudomonas bacteria or by many fungus species in the genera Asterina, Asterinella, Asteroma, Diplotheca, Glomerella, Gnomonia, Microthyriella, Placosphaeria, and Stigmea. Infections occur during damp periods and appear as round to irregular black leaf spots, sometimes on petioles, stems, and flower parts.

      Commonly, the term is used to mean black spot of roses (rose), a serious worldwide disease, except in arid regions, caused by the fungus Diplocarpon rosae. On rose plants, the spots are roundish and more than 1 cm (up to 0.5 inch) in diameter with fringed margins. Leaves on susceptible varieties turn yellow and drop early. Affected plants may defoliate twice in a season, are greatly weakened, produce fewer and inferior blooms, and are subject to canker diseases and winterkill. Large numbers of spores are formed in speck-size fruiting structures (acervuli) and disseminated by splashing rain, dew, overhead sprinkling, and gardeners working among wet plants. The spores germinate and penetrate rose tissue in 9 to 18 hours or longer; new leaf spots appear in 3 to 16 days and spores in 10 to 18 days. The cycle may be repeated throughout the growing season. Black spot may be controlled through adequate spraying or dusting.

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