auxiliary equation

auxiliary equation

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  • auxiliary equation — noun : an equation obtained from the standard form of a linear differential equation by replacing the right member by zero * * * Math. See characteristic equation (def. 1b) …   Useful english dictionary

  • Auxiliary field — In physics, and especially quantum field theory, an auxiliary field is one whose equations of motion admit a single solution. Therefore, the Lagrangian describing such a field A contains an algebraic quadratic term and an arbitrary linear term,… …   Wikipedia

  • Auxiliary polynomial theorem — The construction of auxiliary polynomials is an important concept in diophantine approximation and transcendental number theory.tatementLet β equal the cube root of b/a in the equation ax 3 + bx 3 = c and assume m is and integer that satisfies m… …   Wikipedia

  • Characteristic equation (calculus) — In mathematics, the characteristic equation (or auxiliary equation[1]) is an algebraic equation of degree on which depends the solutions of a given th order differential equation.[2] The characteristic equation can only be formed when the… …   Wikipedia

  • characteristic equation — noun : an equation in which the characteristic polynomial of a matrix is set equal to 0 * * * 1. Math. a. the characteristic polynomial of a given matrix, equated to zero. b. Also called auxiliary equation. an equation with one variable and… …   Useful english dictionary

  • characteristic equation — 1. Math. a. the characteristic polynomial of a given matrix, equated to zero. b. Also called auxiliary equation. an equation with one variable and equated to zero, which is derived from a given linear differential equation and in which the… …   Universalium

  • Novikov–Veselov equation — In mathematics, the Novikov–Veselov equation (or Veselov–Novikov equation) is a natural (2+1) dimensional analogue of the Korteweg–de Vries (KdV) equation. Unlike another (2+1) dimensional analogue of KdV, the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation, it… …   Wikipedia

  • Dispersionless equation — Dispersionless (or quasi classical) limits of integrable partial differential equations (PDE) arise in various problems of mathematics and physics and are intensively studied in the recent literature (see, f.i., [1] [5]). Contents 1 Examples 1.1… …   Wikipedia

  • Rarita-Schwinger equation — In theoretical physics, the Rarita Schwinger equation is the relativistic field equation of spin 3/2 fermions. It is similar to the Dirac equation for spin 1/2 fermions. This equation was first introduced by William Rarita and Julian Schwinger in …   Wikipedia

  • parabolic equation —       any of a class of partial differential equations arising in the mathematical analysis of diffusion phenomena, as in the heating of a slab. The simplest such equation in one dimension, uxx = ut, governs the temperature distribution at the… …   Universalium

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