/at"awl, -ol, -ohl, euh tawl", euh tol", euh tohl"/, n.
a ring-shaped coral reef or a string of closely spaced small coral islands, enclosing or nearly enclosing a shallow lagoon.
[1615-25; earlier atollon < F: a word used in early descriptions of the Maldive Island atolls; said to be Divehi (Indo-Aryan language of the Maldives) atolu]

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Coral reef enclosing a lagoon.

Atolls consist of ribbons of reef that may not be circular but that are closed shapes, sometimes miles across, around a lagoon that may be 160 ft (50 m) deep or more. Most of the reef itself is usually below the water surface; around the rim along the top are usually low, flat islands or more continuous strips of low, flat land.

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 coral reef enclosing a lagoon. Atolls consist of ribbons of reef that may not always be circular but whose broad configuration is a closed shape up to dozens of kilometres across, enclosing a lagoon that may be approximately 50 m (160 feet) deep or more.

      A brief treatment of atolls follows. For full treatment, see ocean: Coral reefs, coral islands, and atolls (ocean).

      Most of the reef itself is a submarine feature, rising from the abyssal floors of the ocean to just beneath high-tide level. Around the rim along the top of the reef there are usually low, flat islands or more continuous strips of low, flat land. Some of these islands have been settled by oceanic peoples like the Maldivians, Polynesians, and Micronesians for many centuries.

 The origin of atolls has always fascinated sailors and naturalists, who early appreciated that, although reef-building organisms inhabit only the shallowest depths of the sea (about 100 m [330 feet]), the reefs rose from much deeper. The modern explanation of atolls incorporates the theory of Charles Darwin (Darwin, Charles), who suggested that atolls represented the final stage of a continuing upgrowth of reef around a sinking extinct volcanic island that had long since disappeared from view.

      Reefs tend to grow outward from a fringing-reef stage toward the better conditions of open water and also grow upward if the foundations beneath are sinking. After thousands of years the actively growing reef structure becomes separated from the volcanic shoreline by an intervening stretch of lagoon water. This is the barrier-reef (barrier reef) stage. The volcanic island eventually subsides from view, leaving a reef whose uppermost part is like a saucer whose rim reaches up to sea level and whose deeper central area is a lagoon.

      Different kinds of reefs and volcanic islands are found together in the tropical oceans, related to each other in such a way that they can be interpreted as representing the progressive stages postulated by the subsidence theory. Stronger direct evidence for subsidence has come from geologic drilling of atolls (first at Enewetak atoll in 1952), which revealed the presence of volcanic rock about 1,400 m (4,600 feet) below the modern reef top. Changes in sea level complicate the subsidence model. These have been relatively frequent during the last 2,000,000 years or more and mostly result from cycles of glaciation. See also coral reef.

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