/euh pok'euh lip"teuh siz'euhm/, n. Theol.
1. any doctrine concerning the end of the temporal world, esp. one based on the supposed prophetic passages in the Revelation of St. John the Divine.
2. the millennial doctrine of the Second Advent and personal reign of Jesus Christ on earth.
[1880-85; APOCALYPTIC + -ISM]

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      eschatological (end-time) views and movements that focus on cryptic revelations about a sudden, dramatic, and cataclysmic intervention of God in history; the judgment of all men; the salvation of the faithful elect; and the eventual rule of the elect with God in a renewed heaven and earth. Arising in Zoroastrianism, an Iranian religion founded by the 6th-century-BC prophet Zoroaster, apocalypticism was developed more fully in Judaic, Christian, and Islāmic eschatological speculation and movements. See also eschatology.

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