anterior pituitary

anterior pituitary
See under pituitary gland.

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  • Anterior pituitary — The front portion of the pituitary, a small gland in the head called the master gland. Hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary influence growth, sexual development, skin pigmentation, thyroid function, and adrenocortical function. These… …   Medical dictionary

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  • anterior pituitary — ante′rior pitu′itary n. anat. the mostly glandular anterior region of the pituitary gland Also called adenohypophysis …   From formal English to slang

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  • combined anterior pituitary test — (for functioning of the anterior pituitary) four exogenous hypothalamic hormones are administered intravenously (corticotropin releasing hormone, growth hormone–releasing hormone, luteinizing hormone–releasing hormone, and thyrotropin… …   Medical dictionary

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