African violet

African violet
a popular house plant, Saintpaulia ionantha, of the gesneriad family, having hairy leaves and showy violet, pink, or white flowers.

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Any plant of the genus Saintpaulia, of the gesneriad family, especially S. ionantha.

African violets are native to high elevations in tropical eastern Africa. They are small, hairy, usually stemless herbaceous plants with crowded, long-stalked leaves. The violet, white, or pink flowers bloom most of the year. They are popular houseplants, and hundreds of varieties have been developed, including half-sized miniatures.

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      flowering plant of the genus Saintpaulia (family Gesneriaceae), especially S. ionantha. The genus consists of about 20 species native to higher elevations in tropical eastern Africa. The plants are small, hairy, usually stemless herbs with crowded, long-stalked leaves.

      African violet flowers are bilaterally symmetrical and violet, white, or pink in colour; they bloom throughout most of the year. Hundreds of horticultural varieties have been developed for their various flower colours and shapes, including half-sized miniatures.

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