High Court of Justice

High Court of Justice
(also the High Court)
the branch of the legal system in England and Wales that deals mainly with serious civil cases (= ones concerned with the private rights of citizens rather than with crimes). It is divided into the Queen’s Bench, the Chancery Division and the Family Division. Cases only go to the High Court if they cannot be dealt with in a lower court (e.g. a county court). Some appeals (= reviews of cases) are dealt with in the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court:

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▪ British law
      in England and Wales, court system centred in London and comprising three divisions of both original and appellate jurisdiction, mostly in civil matters and only occasionally in criminal cases. The divisions are the Chancery Division, presided over by the Chancellor of the High Court (formerly known as the vice-chancellor) and hearing cases involving the administration of estates, mortgages, contracts, land sales, etc.; the Queen's (or King's) Bench Division, presided over by the lord chief justice and hearing cases involving contract or tort, and occasionally criminal matters; and the Family Division, headed by a president and dealing with marriage, adoption, wardship, and other family-related matters.

      All High Court judges may sit in any division, administering both law and equity, although they are now usually assigned to specific work and divisions. There are four sittings: Michaelmas (from October 1 to December 21), Hilary (from January 11 to the Wednesday before Easter), Easter (from the second Tuesday after Easter to Friday before the spring Bank Holiday, the last Monday in May), and Trinity (from the second Tuesday after the spring holiday to July 31).

      The High Court is the second part of the Supreme Court of Judicature, ranking immediately below the Court of Appeal and above the Crown Court.

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