I. perə-1
To produce, procure. Oldest form *perə₂-; possibly related to perə-2. See also per5 II.
Derivatives include parade, parry, emperor, parachute, sever, and parent.
I. Zero-grade form *pr̥ə- (becoming *par- in Latin).
a. Suffixed form *par-ā-. parade, pare, parlay, parry, parure; apparatus, apparel, comprador, disparate, emperor, imperative, imperator, imperial, parachute, parasol, prepare, rampart, repair1, separate, sever, several, from Latin parāre, to try to get, prepare, equip;
b. suffixed form *par-yo-. -para, parity2, -parous, parturient, postpartum, repertory, viper, from Latin parere, parīre, to get, beget, give birth;
c. parallel suffixed (participial) form *par-ent-. parent, from Latin parēns, parent;
d. suffixed form *par-o-, producing:
(i) juniper, from Latin iūniperus, juniper, perhaps from compound *yoini-paros, “producing juniper berries” (*yoini-, juniper berry);
(ii) compound *pau-paros (see pau-);
(iii) Italic compound *wīwo-paros (see gʷei-);
e. suffixed form *par-ikā-. Parcae, from Latin Parcae, the Fates (who assign one's destiny).
II. Suffixed o-grade form por(ə)-sī-. heifer, from Old English hēahfore, calf, a compound (with obscure first element) of fearr, calf, from Germanic *farzī-.
[Pokorny 2. D. per 818.]
  II. perə-2
To grant, allot (reciprocally, to get in return). Oldest form *perə₃-. Possibly related to perə-1. See also per5 II. Zero-grade form *pr̥ə- (becoming *par- in Latin).
a. Suffixed form *par-ti-. parcel, parcener, parse, part, particle, partisan, partita, party; bipartite, compart, impart, participate, repartee, from Latin pars (stem part-), a share, part;
b. possibly suffixed form *par-tiōn-. portion, proportion, from Latin portiō, a part (first attested in the phrase prō portiōne, in proportion, according to each part, perhaps assimilated from *prō partiōne);
c. perhaps Latin pār, equal: pair, par, parity1, peer2; compare, imparity, nonpareil, pari-mutuel.
[Pokorny 2. C. per 817.]

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