Mascarene Islands

Mascarene Islands
Mascarene Islands [mas΄kə rēn′]
group of islands in the W Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, including Mauritius & Réunion

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▪ islands, Indian Ocean
French  Îles Mascareignes 

      collectively, the islands of Réunion, Mauritius, and Rodrigues (Rodrigues Island), which are situated in a line along a submarine ridge, the Seychelles-Mauritius Plateau, 400 to 500 miles (640 to 800 km) northeast from southern Madagascar in the western Indian Ocean. All are volcanic in origin. The name Mascarene is taken from the 16th-century Portuguese explorer Pedro de Mascarenhas. The islands now form the country of Mauritius (Rodrigues Island is a dependency of Mauritius) and the French overseas département of Réunion, and all face problems of extreme population pressure. Pop. (1998 est.) 1,851,700.

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