apatosaurus [ə pat΄ə sôr′əs, ap΄ət əsôr′əs]
any of a genus (Apatosaurus) of huge sauropod dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous, weighing more than 18,000 kg (20 tons)

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Genus of giant herbivorous dinosaur, one of the largest land animals of all time.

Apatosaurus lived between 147 million and 137 million years ago during the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous Periods in North America and Europe. It weighed as much as 30 tons and was as long as 70 ft (21 m), including the very long neck and tail. Formerly known as Brontosaurus because of incomplete fossil evidence, its head was depicted until 1978 as massive and snub-nosed, with spoonlike teeth; scientists now know the animal had a slender, elongated skull and long, peglike teeth. Skeletal evidence indicates that, despite their great bulk, apatosaurs were primarily land animals.

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▪ dinosaur genus
subsumes  Brontosaurus 
 giant herbivorous sauropod dinosaur, one of the largest land animals of all time, that lived between 147 million and 137 million years ago during the Late Jurassic (Jurassic Period) and Early Cretaceous periods (Cretaceous Period). Its fossil remains are found in North America and Europe.

      Apatosaurus weighed as much as 30 tons and measured up to 21 metres (70 feet) long, including its long neck and tail. It had four massive and pillarlike legs, and its tail was extremely long and whiplike. Although some scientists have suggested that the tail could have been cracked supersonically like a bullwhip, this is unlikely, as damage to the vertebrae would have been a more probable result.

      The size, shape, and features of the Apatosaurus head were disputed for more than a century after its remains were first uncovered. Certainty was clouded in part by incomplete fossil finds and by a suspected mix-up of fossils during shipment from an excavation site. The head was originally and mistakenly represented in models like that of a camarasaurid (Camarasaurus), with a square, snubnosed skull and spoonlike teeth. In 1978, however, scientists rediscovered a long-lost skull in the basement of the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This was the skull that actually belonged to an Apatosaurus skeleton; it was slender and elongated and contained long peglike teeth, like those of a diplodocid (Diplodocus). Henceforth, Apatosaurus skull models in museums around the world were changed accordingly.

      Much discussion has centred on whether Apatosaurus and related forms were able to support their great bulk on the land or were forced to adopt aquatic habits. Many lines of evidence, including skeletal structure and footprints, show that Apatosaurus and all sauropods were terrestrial, like elephants. No skeletal features are indicative of an aquatic existence, and analyses suggest that the dinosaur's bones could easily have supported its great weight. Footprints show that the toes were covered in horny pads like those of elephants. Furthermore, the ribcage was heart-shaped in cross-section like those of elephants, not barrel-shaped like that of the amphibious hippopotamus. Even the massive Brachiosaurus (brachiosaur), which weighed about 80 tons, was probably more often on land than in the water.

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