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  • blackball — blackballer, n. /blak bawl /, v.t. 1. to vote against (a candidate, applicant, etc.). 2. to exclude socially; ostracize: The whole town blackballed them. 3. to reject (a candidate) by placing a blackball in the ballot box. n. 4. a negative vote,… …   Universalium

  • Yaahting — Yaahting, A Parody was a 1984 parody of the boating magazine genre, most notably Yachting. It was published by Dreadnaught Publishing, a short lived Massachusetts based company. The main publishing staff were: Publisher was Elizabeth Meyer,… …   Wikipedia

  • blackball — /ˈblækbɔl / (say blakbawl) verb (t) 1. to ostracise. 2. to vote against. 3. to reject (a candidate) by placing a black ball in the ballot box. –noun 4. an adverse vote. 5. a black ball placed in a ballot box signifying a negative vote. 6. NZ a… …   Australian-English dictionary

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