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  • transactional — UK US /trænˈzækʃənəl/ adjective ► relating to buying and selling: »You can download all your transactional information on your credit cards and bank account. transactional charges/costs/fees »Customers must be made aware of the transactional… …   Financial and business terms

  • Transactional IT — is concerned with acquiring, processing and communicating raw data about a company s supply chain and with the compilation and dissemination of reports summarizing these data …   Wikipedia

  • transactional — transaction ► NOUN 1) an instance of buying or selling. 2) the action of conducting business. 3) an exchange or interaction between people. DERIVATIVES transactional adjective. ORIGIN Latin, from transigere drive through …   English terms dictionary

  • Transactional sex — Transactional sexual relationships are sexual relationships where the giving of gifts or services is an important factor. Transactional sex relationships are distinct from other kinds of prostitution, in that the transactional sex provides only a …   Wikipedia

  • Transactional NTFS — (abbreviated TxF) is a component of Windows Vista and later operating systems. It brings the concept of atomic transactions to the NTFS file system, allowing Windows application developers to write file output routines that are guaranteed to… …   Wikipedia

  • Transactional leadership — Transactional leaders use conventional reward and punishment to gain compliance from their followers. Interaction and MotivationThey have continuing, often unspoken interaction that take such forms as:: Do as I say and you will get a raise. :… …   Wikipedia

  • Transactional distance — is the cognitive space between learning peers, teachers and content in a distance education setting. Coined by Michael G. Moore in 1980, transactional distance is a function of dialog and structure in distributed adult learning settings. Distance …   Wikipedia

  • Transactional memory — attempts to simplify parallel programming by allowing a group of load and store instructions to execute in an atomic way. It is a concurrency control mechanism analogous to database transactions for controlling access to shared memory in… …   Wikipedia

  • transactional immunity — see immunity Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996 …   Law dictionary

  • transactional analyst — transactional analysis, a form of psychoanalysis that deals with various levels on which a person functions in his relation to others and attempts to integrate or harmonize these levels within the personality. –transactional analyst …   Useful english dictionary

  • transactional cost — UK US noun [ C, usually plural] COMMERCE, FINANCE ► TRANSACTION COST(Cf. ↑transaction cost) …   Financial and business terms

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