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  • paintable — adj. Lending itself to being painted; as, a highly paintable landscape; made of sturdy eminently paintable wood. Opposite of {unpaintable}. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • paintable — adjective lending itself to being painted a highly paintable landscape made of sturdy eminently paintable wood • Ant: ↑unpaintable …   Useful english dictionary

  • paintable — adjective a) That can be painted; to which a coating of paint can be applied. b) That can be painted (rendered by an artist in paint). Ant: unpaintable …   Wiktionary

  • paintable — (Roget s IV) modif. Syn. scenic, pictorial, graphic; see picturesque 1 …   English dictionary for students

  • paintable — paint·able …   English syllables

  • paint — paintable, adj. paintless, adj. /paynt/, n. 1. a substance composed of solid coloring matter suspended in a liquid medium and applied as a protective or decorative coating to various surfaces, or to canvas or other materials in producing a work… …   Universalium

  • Caulking — is a process used to seal the seams in wooden boats or ships, and riveted iron or steel ships, in order to make them watertight. The same term also refers to the application of flexible sealing compounds to close up crevices in buildings against… …   Wikipedia

  • Medium density overlay panel — Medium density overlay panel, or MDO panel, is a paintable surface made of plywood with a weather resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure.The overlay, which has 28% resin content, resists water, weather, wear and… …   Wikipedia

  • unpaintable — adjective Not paintable. Ant: paintable …   Wiktionary

  • unpaintable — adjective not paintable especially not suitable for artistic representation on canvas (Freq. 1) the inexpressible, unpaintable tick in the unconscious • Ant: ↑paintable …   Useful english dictionary

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