cardiovascular drugs

cardiovascular drugs

Cardiovascular drugs

name common
trade name(s) use(s) mechanism
of action
captopril Capoten hypertension relaxes blood vessels
chlorothiazide Diuril hypertension diuretic
clonidine Catapres hypertension relaxes blood vessels
digoxin Digitek, Lanoxin arrhythmia increases heart contractility
diltiazem Cardizem, Carita,
Dilacor angina, arrhythmia,
hypertension relaxes blood vessels
dipyridamole Persantine reduces the risk of
recurrent stroke interferes with clotting
enalapril Vasotec hypertension relaxes blood vessels
enoxaparin Lovenox prevents blood clots interferes with clotting
furosemide Lasix hypertension and heart
failure diuretic
heparin Calciparine prevents blood clots from
forming or growing larger interferes with clotting
lidocaine Xylocaine arrhythmia blocks sodium channels
losartan Cozaar hypertension relaxes blood vessels
methyldopa Aldomet hypertension relaxes blood vessels
nifidipine Adalat, Procardia angina, hypertension relaxes blood vessels
nitroglycerin () Nitro-BID, Nitro Disc,
Nitro-Dur, Nitrol, Nitrolingual angina, congestive
heart failure relaxes blood vessels
prazosin Minipress hypertension relaxes blood vessels
procainamide Procan, Pronestyl arrhythmia decreases heart contractility
propranolol Betachron, Inderal angina, arrhythmia,
hypertension decreases heart contractility, relaxes blood vessels
ticlopidine Ticlid reduces the risk of recurrent
stroke interferes with clotting
verapamil Calan, Isoptin angina, arrhythmia,
hypertension decreases heart contractility, relaxes blood vessels
warfarin Coumadin prevents blood clots from
forming or growing larger interferes with clotting
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