Major natural lakes of the world

Major natural lakes of the world

Major natural lakes of the world
name and location sq mi sq km
Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan-Kazakstan-Russia-Azerbaijan-Iran2 149,200 386,400
Superior, Canada–United States 31,700 82,100
Victoria, Kenya-Tanzania-Uganda 26,828 69,485
Huron, Canada–United States 23,000 59,600
Michigan, United States 22,300 57,800
Aral Sea, Kazakstan-Uzbekistan2 13,000 33,800
Tanganyika, Burundi-Tanzania–Congo (Dem. Rep.)–Zambia 12,700 32,900
Great Bear, Northwest Territories, Can. 12,028 31,153
Nyasa (Malawi), Malawi-Mozambique-Tanzania 11,430 29,604
Great Slave, Northwest Territories, Can. 11,031 28,570
Erie, Canada–United States 9,910 25,667
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can. 9,417 24,390
Ontario, Canada–United States 7,340 19,010
Chad, Cameroon-Chad-Niger-Nigeria3, 4 6,875 17,800
1Conversions for rounded figures have been rounded, thousands to the nearest hundred and hundreds to the nearest ten.
2Salt lake.
3Area of lake varies according to season; figure given represents area when the surface is at an elevation of about 920 feet (280 metres).
4In the early 21st century the area was reported as 580 square miles (1,500 square km).
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