World's largest dams

World's largest dams

World's largest dams
By height
name type1 date of
completion river country height (m)  
Nurek E 1980 Vakhsh Tajikistan 300  
Grande Dixence G 1961 Dixence Switzerland 285  
Inguri A 1980 Inguri Georgia 272  
Vaiont2 A 1961 Vaiont Italy 262  
Chicoasen ER 1980 Grijalva Mexico 261  
Tehri ER   20023 Bhagirathi India 261  
Mauvoisin A 1957 Drance de Bagnes Switzerland 250  
Guavio ER 1989 Guavio Colombia 246  
Sayano-Shushenskoye AG 1989 Yenisey Russia 245  
Mica ER 1973 Columbia Canada 242  
Ertan A 1999 Yalong (Ya-lung) China 240  
Chivor ER 1957 Batá Colombia 237  
By volume
name type1 date of
completion river country volume  
(000 cubic m)  
Syncrude Tailings E N/A —4 Canada 750,000  
New Cornelia Tailings E 1973 Ten Mile Wash U.S. 209,500  
Tarbela ER 1977 Indus Pakistan 106,000  
Fort Peck E 1937 Missouri U.S. 96,050  
Lower Usuma E 1990 Usuma Nigeria 93,000  
Tucurui EGR 1984 Tocantins Brazil 85,200  
Ataturk ER 1990 Euphrates Turkey 84,500  
Guri (Raúl Leoni) EGR 1986 Caroní Venezuela 77,971  
Oahe E 1958 Missouri U.S. 66,517  
Gardiner E 1968 Saskatchewan Canada 65,400  
Mangla E 1967 Jhelum Pakistan 65,379  
Afsluitdijk E 1932 IJsselmeer Netherlands 63,430  
By size of reservoir
name type1 date of
completion river country reservoir capacity  
(000 cubic m)  
Owen Falls G 1954 Victoria Nile Uganda 2,700,000,0005
Kakhovka EG 1955 Dnieper Ukraine 182,000,000  
Kariba A 1959 Zambezi Zimbabwe-Zambia 180,600,000  
Bratsk EG 1964 Angara Russia 169,270,000  
Aswan High ER 1970 Nile Egypt 168,900,000  
Akosombo ER 1965 Volta Ghana 153,000,000  
Daniel Johnson M 1968 Manicouagan Canada 141,852,000  
Guri (Raúl Leoni) EGR 1986 Caroní Venezuela 138,000,000  
Krasnoyarsk G 1967 Yenisey Russia 73,300,000  
W.A.C. Bennett E 1967 Peace Canada 70,309,000  
Zeya B 1978 Zeya Russia 68,400,000  
Cahora Bassa A 1974 Zambezi Mozambique 63,000,000  
By power capacity
name type1 date of
completion river country installed capacity  
Itaipú EGR 1982 Paraná Brazil-Paraguay 12,600  
Guri (Raúl Leoni) EGR 1986 Caroní Venezuela 10,300  
Grand Coulee G 1941 Columbia U.S. 6,480  
Sayano-Shushenskoye AG 1989 Yenisey Russia 6,400  
Krasnoyarsk G 1967 Yenisey Russia 6,000  
Churchill Falls E 1971 Churchill Canada 5,428  
La Grande 2 R 1978 La Grande Canada 5,328  
Bratsk EG 1964 Angara Russia 4,500  
Ust-Ilim R 1977 Angara Russia 4,320  
Tucurui EGR 1984 Tocantins Brazil 4,200  
Ilha Solteira ... 1973 Paraná Brazil 3,200  
Tarbela ER 1977 Indus Pakistan 3,478  
1Key: A, arch; B, buttress; E, earth fill; G, gravity; M, multi-arch; R, rock fill.
2Vaiont Dam was the scene of a massive landslide and flood in 1963 and no longer operates.
3Diversion tunnels closed and reservoir filling begun December 2002.
4Impounds settling reservoir for fine tailings in oil sands operation near Fort McMurray, Alberta.
5Most of this reservoir is a natural lake.
Source: International Water Power and Dam Construction Yearbook (1996).
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