Earth Perthelion and Aphelion, 1997

Earth Perthelion and Aphelion, 1997

Earth Perihelion and Aphelion, 1997
Jan. 2 Perihelion, 147,094,700 km (91,400,238 mi)

from the Sun
July 4 Aphelion, 152,103,870 km (94,512,783 mi)

from the Sun
Equinoxes and Solstices, 1997
March 20 Vernal equinox, 13:551 
June 21 Summer solstice, 08:201 
Sept. 22 Autumnal equinox, 23:561 
Dec. 21 Winter solstice, 20:071 
Eclipses, 1997 
March 8–9 Sun, total (begins 23:171), the beginning

visible in southeastern and eastern Asia;

the end visible in eastern Siberia and 

March 24 Moon, partial (begins 01:401), visible

throughout North and South America ex-

cept for Alaska and northwestern Canada,

throughout Europe, Africa, and extreme

western Asia.
Sept. 1–2 Sun, partial (begins 21:441), the begin-

ning visible in Australia and New Zealand;

the end visible in the far southern Pacific 

Ocean near Antarctica.
Sept. 16 Moon, total (begins 16:111), the beginning

visible in eastern Europe, eastern Africa,

Asia, and the Indian Ocean; the end visible

in extreme eastern South America, Europe, 

and eastern Greenland.
See as table:

      1Universal time.

  Source: The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1997


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