Largest islands of the world

Largest islands of the world

Largest islands of the world
name location sq mi sq km
Greenland North Atlantic Ocean 822,700 2,130,800
New Guinea Papua New Guinea–Indonesia 309,000 800,000
Borneo Indonesia–Malaysia–Brunei 283,400 734,000
Madagascar Indian Ocean 226,658 587,041
Baffin Island Northwest Territories, Can. 195,928 507,451
Sumatra Indonesia 167,600 434,000
Honshu Japan 87,805 227,414
Victoria Island Northwest Territories, Can. 83,897 217,291
Great Britain United Kingdom 83,698 216,777
Ellesmere Island Northwest Territories, Can. 75,767 196,236
Celebes Indonesia 69,100 179,000
South Island New Zealand 58,676 151,971
Java Indonesia 49,000 126,900
North Island New Zealand 44,204 114,489
Newfoundland (Newfoundland and Labrador) Canada 42,031 108,860
Cuba Caribbean Sea 40,519 104,945
Luzon Philippines 40,420 104,688
Iceland North Atlantic Ocean 39,699 102,819
Mindanao Philippines 36,537 94,630
Ireland Ireland–U.K. 32,589 84,406
Hokkaido Japan 30,144 78,073
*Area given may include small adjoining islands. Conversions for rounded figures are rounded to the nearest hundred.
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