Launches in Support of Human Spaceflight, 2001

Launches in Support of Human Spaceflight, 2001

Launches in Support
of Human Spaceflight, 2001
Country Flight Crew1 Dates Mission/payload
China Shenzhou 2 — January 9 second test flight of manned spacecraft
U.S. STS-98, Atlantis Kenneth Cockrell
Mark Polansky
Robert Curbeam
Thomas Jones
Marsha Ivins February 7-20 delivery of Destiny laboratory module to ISS
Russia Progress — February 26 ISS supplies
U.S. STS-102, Discovery James Wetherbee
James Kelly
Andy Thomas
Paul Richards
Yury Usachyov (u)
Susan Helms (u)
James Voss (u)
William Shepherd (d)
Yury Gidzenko (d)
Sergey Krikalyov (d) March 8-21 delivery of Leonardo logistics module to ISS; station crew exchange
U.S. STS-100, Endeavour Kent Rominger
Jeffrey Ashby
Chris Hadfield
Scott Parazynski
John Phillips
Umberto Guidoni
Yury Lonchakov April 19-May 1 delivery of Canadarm2 and Raffaello logistics module to ISS
Russia Soyuz-TM 32 Talgat Musabayev
Yury Baturin
Dennis Tito2 April 28-May 6 exchange of Soyuz return craft for ISS crew (TM 31 with TM 32)
Russia Progress — May 20 ISS supplies
U.S. STS-104, Atlantis Steven Lindsey
Charles Hobaugh
Michael Gernhardt
James Reilly
Janet Kavandi July 12-24 delivery of Joint Airlock to ISS
U.S. STS-105, Discovery Scott Horowitz
Rick Sturckow
Daniel Barry
Patrick Forrester
Frank Culbertson (u)
Vladimir Dezhurov (u)
Mikhail Tyurin (u)
Yury Usachyov (d)
Susan Helms (d)
James Voss (d) August 10-22 delivery of Leonardo logistics module to ISS; station crew exchange
Russia Progress — August 21 ISS supplies
Russia Progress-type — September 15 delivery of Docking Compartment-1 to ISS
Russia Soyuz-TM 33 Viktor Afanasyev
Konstantin Kozeyev
Claudie Haigneré October 21-30 exchange of Soyuz return craft for ISS crew (TM 32 with TM 33)
Russia Progress — November 26 ISS supplies
U.S. STS-108, Endeavour Dominic Gorie
Mark Kelly
Linda Godwin
Daniel Tani
Frank Culbertson (d)
Vladimir Dezhurov (d)
Mikhail Tyurin (d)
Yury Onufriyenko (u)
Daniel Bursch (u)
Carl Walz (u) December 5-17 delivery of Raffaello logistics module to ISS; station crew exchange
See as table:
      1Commander and pilot (or flight engineer for Soyuz) are listed first.
2Flew as paying passenger.
u = ISS crew member carried up to station (ISS commander listed first).
d = ISS crew member returned to Earth (ISS commander listed first).

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