Evolutionary relationships of bile alcohols and bile acids

Evolutionary relationships of bile alcohols and bile acids

Evolutionary relationships of bile alcohols and
bile acids
species bile alcohol or bile acid (trivial name)
Elasmobranch fishes
Myxine glutinosa (hagfish) 5 b1;-cholestane-3 b2;,7 b1;,16 b1;,26-tetrol (myxinol)
Mustelus manazo (dogfish) 5 b2;-cholestane-3 b1;,7 b1;,12 b1;,24,26,27-hexol (scymnol)
Teleostian fishes
Latimeria chalumnae (coelacanth) 5 b1;-cholestane-3 b2;,7 b1;,12 b1;,26,27-pentol (latimerol)
Cyprinus carpio (carp) 5 b1;-cholestane-3 b1;,7 b1;,12 b1;,26,27-pentol (5 b1;-cyprinol)
Rana temporaria (frog) 5 b1;,27-norcholestane-3 b1;,7 b1;,12 b1;,24,26-pentol (5 b1;-ranol)
Bufo vulgaris japonica (toad) 5 b2;-cholestane-3 b1;,7 b1;,12 b1;,25,26-pentol (5 b2;-bufol)
Alligator mississippiensis (alligator) 3 b1;,7 b1;,12 b1;-trihydroxy-5 b2;-cholestan-27-oic acid (trihydroxycoprostanoic acid)
Bitis arietans (puff adder) 3 b1;,12 b1;,23-trihydroxy-5 b1;-cholanoic acid (bitocholic acid)
Anser domesticus (goose) 3 b1;,7 b1;-dihydroxy-5 b2;-cholanoic acid (chenodeoxycholic acid)
humans and most (but not all) other species 3 b1;,7 b1;,12 b1;-trihydroxy-5 b2;-cholanoic acid (cholic acid)
3 b1;,12 b1;-dihydroxy-5 b2;-cholanoic acid (deoxycholic acid)
3 b1;-hydroxy-5 b2;-cholanoic acid (lithocholic acid)
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