Deserts of the world

Deserts of the world

Deserts of the world
name (location) sq mi sq km
Sahara (northern Africa) 3,320,000 8,600,000
Libyan (Libyan Desert) (Libya, Egypt, and The Sudan) . . . . . .
Kalahari (southwestern Africa) 360,000 930,000
Namib (southwestern Africa) 52,000 135,000
America, North
Great Basin (southwestern U.S.) 190,000 492,000
Chihuahuan (northern Mexico) 175,000 450,000
Sonoran (Sonoran Desert) (southwestern U.S. and Baja California) 120,000 310,000
Colorado (Colorado Desert) (California, U.S., and northern Mexico) . . . . . .
Yuma (Yuma Desert) (Arizona, U.S., and Sonora, Mexico) . . . . . .
Mojave (Mojave Desert) (southwestern U.S.) 25,000 65,000
America, South
Patagonian (Patagonia) (southern Argentina) 260,000 673,000
Atacama (Atacama Desert) (northern Chile) 54,000 140,000
Arabia (Arabian Desert) (southwestern Asia) 900,000 2,330,000
Rub'al-Khali (Rubʿ al-Khali) (southern Arabian Peninsula) 250,000 650,000
Gobi (Mongolia and northeastern China) 500,000 1,300,000
Kyzylkum (Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan) 115,000 300,000
Takla Makan (Takla Makan Desert) (northern China) 105,000 270,000
Karakum (Karakum Desert) (Turkmenistan) 135,000 350,000
Kavir (Kavīr Desert) (central Iran) 100,000 260,000
Syrian (Syrian Desert) (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq) 100,000 260,000
Thar (Thar Desert) (India and Pakistan) 77,000 200,000
Lut (Lūt Desert) (eastern Iran) 20,000 52,000
Negev (Israel) 4,700 12,300
Great Victoria (Great Victoria Desert) (Western and South Australia) 250,000 647,000
Great Sandy (Great Sandy Desert) (northern Western Australia) 150,000 400,000
Gibson (Gibson Desert) (Western Australia) . . . . . .
Simpson (Simpson Desert) (Northern Territory) 56,000 145,000
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