World Tenpin Bowling Championshipsmen

World Tenpin Bowling Championshipsmen

World Tenpin Bowling Championships—men
year singles pairs triples fives eights
1954 G. Algeskog (Swed.) Finland Sweden Sweden
1955 N. Backstrom (Swed.) Sweden West Germany Finland
1958 K. Asukas (Fin.) Sweden Finland Sweden
1960 T. Reynolds (Mex.) Mexico Venezuela Mexico
1963 L. Zikes (U.S.) United States United States United States
1967 D. Pond (U.K.) United Kingdom Finland United States
1971 E. Luther (U.S.) Puerto Rico United States United States
1975 M. Stoudt (U.S.) United Kingdom Finland West Germany
1979* G. Bugden (U.K.) Australia Malaysia Australia
1983 T. Cariello (U.S.) Australia Sweden Finland
1987 P. Rolland (Fr.) Sweden United States Sweden
1991 Ying Chieh Ma (Taiwan) United States United States Taiwan
1995 M. Doi (Can.) Sweden The Netherlands The Netherlands
1999 G. Verbruggen (Belg.) Sweden Finland Sweden
2003 M. Luoto (Fin.) Sweden United States Sweden
2006 R. Ong (Sing.) Sweden South Korea United States
*In 1979 eights were discontinued altogether and triples were introduced.
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