Northwest Territories, flag of the

Northwest Territories, flag of the

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      Canadian territorial flag consisting of vertical blue-white-blue stripes and the shield of the territorial coat of arms (arms, coat of) on its wide central stripe.

      The coat of arms of the Northwest Territories was designed by the air force commander Alan B. Beddoe and approved in 1956. Its crest includes a compass rose, two narwhals (narwhal), and a wreath. The chief (upper portion) of the shield represents the ice fields of the far north and the Northwest Passage, which for centuries lured explorers to the region. The green and red areas of the shield stand for the forests of the Mackenzie River valley and for the tundra of the Canadian Shield area. The northern tree line is reflected in the wavy division between the two areas. The importance of the fur trade in the territory's past is symbolized in the head of a fox, while the yellow billets refer to the mining of gold.

      Among more than 3,000 flag designs submitted in a 1968 competition, that of Robert Bessant, an 18-year-old student from Manitoba, was chosen as the most appropriate for the territorial flag. His proposal called for a background of three unequal vertical stripes, similar to the ones in the Canadian national flag (Canada, flag of). White was to symbolize the northern snows, while blue was a reference to the skies and waters of the area and the loneliness of the land. The design was approved by the Territorial Council in January 1969 and established by ordinance on February 18, 1971.

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