Wolfgang, Marvin

Wolfgang, Marvin

▪ American criminologist
born November 14, 1924, Millersburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.
died April 12, 1998, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

      American criminologist who was described by the British Journal of Criminology as “the most influential criminologist in the English-speaking world.”

      Wolfgang attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he received M.A. (1950) and Ph.D. (1955) degrees. He officially joined the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania in 1952 and continued teaching there until his death. He also served on numerous national commissions, including the Presidential Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence (1968–69), of which he was research director, and the National Commission on Obscenity and Pornography (1968–70).

      In Patterns in Criminal Homicide (1958), Wolfgang analyzed nearly 600 murders in Philadelphia and concluded that many homicides among people of lower social status result from trivial conflicts and insults and that the victims initiate the conflict more than one-fourth of the time. In The Subculture of Violence: Towards an Integrated Theory in Criminology (1967), Wolfgang and his coauthor, Franco Feracutti, argued that this behaviour was the product of violent subcultures in which each person in a conflict typically believes that the other will become violent, a finding that prompted proposals to break up the subcultures by scattering low-income housing. Wolfgang and Feracutti's theory became highly controversial when it was used to explain high rates of violence among African Americans and Southern white males. Collaborating with Robert Figlio and Johan Thorsten Sellin on Delinquency in a Birth Cohort (1972), Wolfgang found that half of all offenses and nearly three-fourths of serious offenses were committed by a small number of habitual offenders, a discovery that influenced criminal justice systems throughout the world. In response to Wolfgang's research, many jurisdictions adopted so-called “three strikes and you're out” laws, which mandated life imprisonment for persons convicted of a third felony offense. Wolfgang's finding that the death penalty (capital punishment) was disproportionately applied to Americans who were poor, young, or African American was cited by the Supreme Court (Supreme Court of the United States) in its landmark decision Furman v. Georgia (1972), which declared existing death penalty laws unconstitutional—a fact that Wolfgang, himself an opponent of the death penalty, relished.

      Wolfgang wrote more than 30 books. He was the recipient of numerous awards, including the Edwin H. Sutherland (Sutherland, Edwin) Award of the American Society of Criminology, the Beccarian Gold Medal from the German, Austrian, and Swiss Society of Criminology, and the Roscoe Pound (Pound, Roscoe) Award of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency. He advised nearly 100 doctoral students from throughout the world, many of whom became leading criminologists.

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