Ventidius, Publius

Ventidius, Publius

▪ Roman general
born before 90, BC, Asculum Picenum, Picenum [now Ascoli Piceno, Italy]
died , soon after 38 BC

      Roman general and politician who rose from captivity to military fame, a change of fortune frequently cited by ancient authors.

      In his youth, Ventidius was captured by the forces of the Roman general Pompeius Strabo in his native town of Asculum Picenum, which had joined the revolt (90–88) of Rome's Italian allies—peoples in Italy not incorporated into the Roman state. In 89, Ventidius was led in Strabo's triumphal procession at Rome. The prisoner was soon freed, and for years he probably made a living as an army contractor.

      Eventually Ventidius' talents were recognized by Julius Caesar (Caesar, Julius), who enlisted his aid during the Civil War (Caesar against Pompey and the Optimates, 49–46) and appointed him praetor for 43. In the struggle for power that followed the assassination of Caesar (44), Ventidius sided with the Caesarian leader Mark Antony (Antony, Mark). Ventidius' forces reinforced those of Antony, and Antony in turn made Ventidius a consul. Sent by Antony to expel the Parthians from Anatolia and Syria, Ventidius defeated the enemy at the Cilician Gates (mountain pass in present-day southern Turkey) and Mount Amanus in 39 and at Mount Gindarus in 38. He died soon after celebrating a triumph at Rome.

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