any of various Japanese forms of barrel-shaped drums with lashed or tacked heads, usually played with sticks (bachi). When the word combines with another for the name of a specific type of drum, the t euphonically changes to d, thus o-daiko for the large two-headed tacked drum heard in folk festivals, Buddhist temples, and off-stage in Kabuki theatre. The two-headed taiko set off the floor by a rack and used in Noh and Kabuki drama is a shime-daiko because it is lashed (shimeru). It uses a small patch of deerskin in the centre of the head to soften its tone. Festival taiko have a black dot painted in the same spot, but their thicker heads are played with thinner sticks and produce a livelier, “outdoor” sound. Traditionally they are lashed with heavier rope, though some modern instruments are tightened with large screws. The two-headed tacked drum hung in an elaborate circular frame in court music is a gaku-daiko or tsuri-daiko.

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