▪ king of Egypt
also called  Tirhaka 
flourished 7th century BCE
 fourth king (reigned 690–664 BCE) of the 25th dynasty of ancient Egypt (Egypt, ancient) (see ancient Egypt: The 24th and 25th dynasties (Egypt, ancient)).

      Taharqa succeeded his cousin Shebitku on the throne. Early in his reign, he supported Palestine's resistance against King Sennacherib of Assyria. In 671, however, Taharqa's army was defeated by Sennacherib's son Esarhaddon, who captured Memphis, together with its royal harem, and took a great amount of spoils; he set up a new Assyrian administration, entrusting the government and collection of tribute to the native chiefs. On Esarhaddon's withdrawal from Egypt, Taharqa returned from his refuge in Upper Egypt and massacred the Assyrian garrisons. He held control over Egypt until he was completely routed by Esarhaddon's son Ashurbanipal, after which he fled south to Nubia, where he died and was buried in a large pyramid at Nuri.

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