▪ empress of Japan
in full  Suiko Tennō  
born 554, Yamato, Japan
died April 15, 628, Yamato

      first reigning empress of Japan in recorded history, the wife of the emperor Bidatsu (reigned 572–585) and the daughter of the emperor Kimmei.

      Bidatsu was succeeded on the throne by Emperor Yōmei, but when the latter died after a short reign, a feud erupted between the Soga clan and the Mononobe and Nakatomi families over the succession. The Soga clan was victorious, and the emperor Sushun, whose mother had been a Soga, succeeded to the throne. Sushun proved too independent, however, and Soga Umako, the head of the Soga family, had Sushun murdered in 592, replacing him on the throne with the empress Suiko, who was Sushun's younger sister and Umako's own niece. Suiko's reign represented a great break with tradition, for although Japan had in legend been ruled by several women, in recent centuries the ruling line had been male; moreover, several sons of Bidatsu could have been chosen for the throne.

      Because the Soga family were ardent Buddhists, Buddhism became established in Japan during Suiko's reign. Other aspects of Chinese civilization were also introduced, owing mainly to the efforts of Crown Prince Shōtoku (Shōtoku, Taishi), whom Umako appointed regent for Suiko. Chinese and Korean craftsmen were brought to Japan, the Chinese calendar was introduced, the Chinese bureaucratic system replaced the old Japanese system of purely hereditary awards and ranks, and the total supremacy of the emperor was recognized.

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