Solaro della Margarita, Clemente, Count

Solaro della Margarita, Clemente, Count

▪ Piedmontese statesman
born Nov. 21, 1792, Mondovì, Piedmont [Italy]
died Nov. 12, 1869, Turin, Italy

      Piedmontese statesman who supported the old order against the Risorgimento.

      Entering the Piedmontese diplomatic service in 1816, Solaro della Margarita rose to become foreign minister in 1835. He pursued a policy of cautious neutrality between France and Austria while opposing constitutional reform at home. When agitation for such reform arose, however, King Charles Albert felt constrained to dismiss him (1847). Solaro della Margarita continued to oppose projects for Italian unification, and in the Piedmontese parliament (1854–60) he led the reactionary opposition to Premier Camillo Cavour, chief leader of the Risorgimento. Failing to be elected to the first parliament of united Italy in 1860, Solaro della Margarita retired from politics.

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