Simeulue Island

Simeulue Island

Indonesian  Pulau Simeulue , Simeulue also spelled  Simulue , or  Simeuloeë 

      island in the Indian Ocean, Aceh daerah istimewa (special district), Indonesia. Simeulue lies off the northwestern coast of Sumatra, about 170 mi (274 km) southwest of Medan city. The island, 65 mi long and 20 mi wide, covers an area of 712 sq mi (1,844 sq km). Its hills rise to about 1,860 ft (567 m). Their slopes are covered with hardwood forests, and the coast is rocky, reef-bound, and intersected by short but rapidly flowing streams. Population settlements are along the hillsides, where terrace cultivation is practiced and rice, tea, and coffee are grown. Cattle, including water buffalo, are raised. There are coconut plantations, and copra and timber are the major exports. Crafts include weaving, wood carving, plaiting, and metalworking. The chief town and port is Sinabang, located on the southeastern coast and linked by road to Sebigo on the northeastern tip of the island. Communication with the mainland is mainly through Meulaboh, a nearby port on the northwestern coast of Sumatra.

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