Ṣidqī, Ismāʿīl

Ṣidqī, Ismāʿīl

▪ prime minister of Egypt
also spelled  Ismael Sidki 
born 1875, Alexandria, Egypt
died July 9, 1950, Paris, France

      Egyptian politician who was twice premier of his country (1930–33, 1946).

      Ṣidqī earned his diploma at the Collège des Frères and won honours at the Khedivial Law school. He joined the public prosecutor's office but in 1899 became administrative secretary of the Alexandria municipal commission. In 1914 he was appointed minister of agriculture and then of waqfs (religious endowments). The following year, however, he joined the Wafd (nationalist) movement and was later deported with Saʿd Zaghlul (Zaghlūl, Saʿd), the party's founder, and others to Malta. After World War I (1914–18), Ṣidqī deserted the Wafd and later served as minister of finance (1921, 1922) and minister of the interior (1922, 1924–25). He retired from politics for five years but returned eventually as premier and, from June 1930 to September 1933, ruled with an iron hand to curb the Wafd's influence. He joined an all-party delegation to negotiate the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936, which established Egypt as a sovereign state. In 1938, however, he again retired from politics after a period of service as minister of finance. Ṣidqī returned to power in February 1946 as premier and advocated the revision of the 1936 treaty. In October he flew to London but failed in his efforts to “achieve unity between Egypt and the Sudan under the Egyptian crown.” Ṣidqī resigned as premier on December 8, 1946, and was succeeded by Maḥmūd Fahmī al-Nuqrāshī (Nuqrāshī, Maḥmūd Fahmī al-), whom he had earlier replaced.

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