Wade-Giles romanization  She-hsien , also called  Huicheng , formerly (until 1912)  Huizhou 

      town, southeastern Anhui sheng (province), China. It is a communications centre in the Xin'an River valley, at a point where the natural route from Hangzhou on the coast of Zhejiang (Chekiang) province and Shanghai into northern Jiangxi (Kiangsi) province joins two routes across the Huang Mountains into the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) valley.

      The old Huizhou played a particularly notable role in Chinese commerce until the 19th century. Local merchants, most of their fortunes founded from participation in the salt monopoly, began to play a national role in trade from the 16th century onward. Often using joint capital raised from within their group, they exerted their influence in every branch of commerce. From the 16th to the 18th century, they dominated the rice and tea trade, the lumber business, and the silk and cotton textile trade. They also engaged in ceramics and iron manufacturing and were pawnbrokers and moneylenders. Colonies of merchants were to be found from Hebei province in the north to Guangdong province in the south. In the great canal port of Linqing, situated on the Grand Canal in Shandong (Shantung) province, 90 percent of the merchants in the early 17th century were from Huizhou. They were also engaged in overseas trade with Siam (present-day Thailand) and Japan. Toward the end of the 18th century, they began to transfer their capital from the salt monopoly into pawnbroking and banking. During the 19th century, however, their place was gradually taken by the Shanghai banks run by merchants from Ningbo and Shaoxing, both in Zhejiang.

      The present-day city has retained little importance, although the many Ming (Ming dynasty)- and Qing (Qing dynasty)-era mansions surviving in its vicinity are a reminder of its former grandeur. The central government has designated Shexian as one of China's special historical and cultural cities, and the ancient mansions and other historical sites are major tourist attractions. The surrounding area is renowned for its tea. The local economy has been developing quickly since the late 1990s. The Anhui-Jiangxi rail line and two major highways pass through the area. Pop. (2000) 73,308.

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