Sesson Shūkei

Sesson Shūkei

▪ Japanese painter
original name Satake Heizo
born 1504, Hitachi, Japan
died c. 1589, , Iwashiro Province

      Japanese artist who was the most distinguished and individualistic talent among the numerous painters who worked in the style of Sesshū, the 15th-century artist considered the greatest of the Japanese suiboku (“water-ink”) painters.

      Sesson was a monk of the Sōtō sect of Buddhism and a self-taught artist who lived in northern Honshu (the main island of Japan), far from the Imperial capital, Kyōto, the centre of artistic activity. He studied the paintings of Shūbun (a suiboku artist active in the first half of the 15th century) and later, from 1533, those of Sesshū and called himself Sesson Shūkei in tribute to the two masters. His style, however, was influenced more by Sesshū than by Shūbun. Like Sesshū, he excelled in landscapes, to which he imparted dynamic expression with his bold brushwork. Several of his landscapes are still extant, among them “The Wind and the Waves” and three versions of the “Eight Views,” executed in 1563, 1564, and 1589. His unique style is perhaps most evident in his figure drawings (e.g., “Li Po Gazing at the Waterfall”) and in his pictures of animals (e.g., “The Tiger”). A prolific artist who lived to be more than 80, Sesson also left behind some fine studies of flowers and birds (e.g., “Landscape with Hawks”).

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