Rosenwald, Julius

Rosenwald, Julius

▪ American merchant and philanthropist
born Aug. 12, 1862, Springfield, Ill., U.S.
died Jan. 6, 1932, Chicago
 U.S. merchant and unorthodox philanthropist who opposed the idea of perpetual endowments and frequently offered large philanthropic gifts on condition that they be matched by other donations. He was especially noted for his aid to the education of blacks.

      After moderate success in the clothing business in New York City (1879–85) and Chicago (1885–95), Rosenwald bought a one-fourth interest in Sears, Roebuck and Co., which became the world's largest mail-order house and chain of retail stores. In 1910 he succeeded Richard Warren Sears as president, and in 1925 he was named chairman of the Sears board of directors. Rosenwald and A.H. Loeb, treasurer of the company, established an exemplary savings and profit-sharing program for employees. Under Rosenwald's leadership, Sears began to manufacture its own merchandise and instituted the policy of guaranteeing full refunds to dissatisfied customers.

      Generous to Jewish charities, Rosenwald nonetheless opposed Zionism. From the early 1900s he was concerned with the welfare of U.S. blacks, and in 1917 he established the Julius Rosenwald Fund (to be expended within 25 years after his death and liquidated in 1948), the chief purpose of which was the improvement of education for blacks. Augmented by local taxes and private gifts, the fund paid for the construction of more than 5,000 schools in 15 southern states. In Chicago, he established (1929) the Museum of Science and Industry, contributed heavily to the University of Chicago, and founded dental infirmaries in the public schools.

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