Perrot, Jules

Perrot, Jules

▪ French dancer and choreographer
in full  Jules-Joseph Perrot 
born August 18, 1810, Lyon, France
died August 18, 1892, Paramé
 French virtuoso dancer and master choreographer who was celebrated internationally for creating some of the most enduring ballets of the Romantic period.

      Jules Perrot first drew attention to his talent in his native Lyon by imitating the antics of the comic dancer Charles Mazurier. This led to an engagement at the Gaîté Theatre in Paris in 1823. Moving to the larger, more prestigious Porte-Saint-Martin Theatre, he became a pupil of Auguste Vestris (Vestris family), who prepared him for his successful debut at the Paris Opéra in 1830. Within a year he was promoted to the top rank of premier sujet (“principal dancer”) and selected to partner Marie Taglioni (Taglioni, Marie) in Flore et Zéphire.

      After leaving the Opéra, which refused to offer him a salary commensurate with the earnings of top ballerinas, he was engaged in London in 1835, and in 1836 he moved to Naples, where his path crossed that of the young dancer Carlotta Grisi (Grisi, Carlotta). As her teacher, mentor, and suitor, he accompanied her to London in 1836, and then to Vienna, where he produced his first important ballet, Der Kobold (1838). He hoped to marry Grisi, but although a daughter was born as a result of their liaison, she was reluctant to enter into such a commitment.

      In 1841 Grisi was engaged at the Paris Opéra, but no offer was forthcoming for Perrot. He was, however, to be closely involved in her first Paris creation, Giselle. Most of the action was devised by him, but any hope he might have had that his contribution would be formally acknowledged was dashed because he was not officially on the payroll. As a result, the choreography was long credited solely to the Opéra's ballet master Jean Coralli (Coralli, Jean).

      The couple's paths then diverged; while Grisi embarked on a long career at the Opéra, Perrot began his seven-year association with London's opera house, Her Majesty's Theatre. He started in 1842 as assistant to the aging ballet master André Deshayes, but from 1843 he was in full charge. This was to be the most productive phase of his career. Working with nearly all the most celebrated ballerinas of the time, he produced 23 ballets of varying importance, including several lasting masterpieces, each skillfully crafted to highlight the particular qualities of its ballerina. For Fanny Elssler (Elssler, Fanny) he produced Le Délire d'un peintre (1843); for Fanny Cerrito (Cerrito, Fanny), Ondine (1843) and Lalla Rookh (1846); for Grisi, La Esmeralda (1844); and for Lucile Grahn (Grahn, Lucile), Eoline (1845) and Catarina (1846). He also staged an extraordinary series of multi-stellar divertissements. His sensational Pas de quatre (1845), which displayed the artistry of Taglioni, Cerrito, Grisi, and Grahn without any one of them feeling disadvantaged, was followed by other divertissements of the same type: Le Jugement de Pâris (1846), Les Éléments (1847), and Les Quatre Saisons (1848).

      In 1848 Perrot produced a major ballet, Faust, for Fanny Elssler at La Scala in Milan, in which he himself played Mephistopheles. The following year, after producing La Filleule des fées for Grisi at the Paris Opéra, he left for Russia, where he was engaged as principal ballet master of the Imperial Russian Ballet in St. Petersburg until 1860. There he produced expanded versions of Esmeralda and Catarina and a series of major new works, including The Naiad and the Fisherman (1851), The War of the Women (1852), and Gazelda (1853), all for Grisi, and Armida (1855) for Cerrito.

      Perrot retired after a disappointing season in Milan in 1864. In later years he gave classes at the Paris Opéra, where as a teacher he was immortalized by the Impressionist artist Edgar Degas (Degas, Edgar) in paintings such as The Dance Class (1874).

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