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      perhaps the earliest Hindu (Hinduism) sect to worship the god Shiva as the supreme deity; it gave rise in turn to numerous subsects that flourished in Gujarat (Gujarāt) and Rajasthan (Rājasthān), at least until the 12th century, and also travelled to Java and Cambodia. The sect takes its name from Pashupati, an epithet of Shiva meaning Lord of Cattle, which was later extended to convey the meaning “Lord of Souls.”

      The Pashupata sect is mentioned in the Indian epic the Mahabharata. Shiva himself was believed to have been the first preceptor of the system. According to legends contained in later writings such as the Vayu-Purana and the Linga-Purana, Shiva revealed that he would make an appearance on Earth during the age of Lord Vishnu's (Vishnu) appearance as Vasudeva (Vāsudeva) (Krishna). Shiva indicated that he would enter a dead body and incarnate himself as Lakulin (or Nakulin or Lakulisha, lakula meaning “club”). Inscriptions of the 10th and 13th centuries appear to corroborate the legend, as they refer to a teacher named Lakulin, who was believed by his followers to be an incarnation of Shiva. On analogy with the Vasudeva cult, some historians place the rise of the Pashupatas as early as the 2nd century BCE, while others prefer the 2nd century CE as a date of origin.

      The ascetic practices adopted by the Pashupatas included the thrice-daily smearing of their bodies with ashes, meditation, and chanting the symbolic syllable “om.” The school fell into disrepute when some of the mystical practices were distorted. Out of the Pashupata doctrine developed two extreme schools, the Kapalika and Kalamukha, as well as one moderate sect, the Shaiva-siddhanta school (Shaiva-siddhanta). The Pashupatas and the extreme sects were called Atimargika (schools away from the path) to maintain their distinction from the more rational and acceptable Shaiva-siddhantas, whose development led into modern Shaivism.

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