Oranges, War of the

Oranges, War of the

▪ Iberian history
      (1801), brief conflict in which France and Spain fought against Portugal. The war was brought about by Portugal's refusal in 1800 to accept Napoleon's (Napoleon I) demands to become a political and economic extension of France and to cede to France the major part of its national territory.

      In April 1801, French troops arrived in Portugal, and on May 20 they were bolstered by Spanish troops under the command of Manuel de Godoy (Godoy, Manuel de). In a battle that was disastrous for Portugal, Godoy took the town of Olivenza, near the Spanish frontier. Following his victory, Godoy picked oranges at nearby Elvas and sent them to the Queen of Spain with the message that he would proceed to Lisbon. Thus, the conflict became known as the War of the Oranges.

      After Olivenza, Portugal negotiated a treaty with France and Spain—the Peace of Badajoz (June 1801)—ending the invasion. Portugal agreed to close its ports to English ships, to give commercial concessions to France, to cede Olivenza to Spain and part of Brazil to France, and to pay an indemnity.

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