Nitta Yoshisada

Nitta Yoshisada

▪ Japanese military leader
born 1301, Kōzuke province, Japan
died , Aug. 17, 1338, Echizen province

      Japanese warrior whose support of the imperial restoration of the emperor Go-Daigo was crucial in destroying the Kamakura shogunate, the military dictatorship that governed Japan from 1192 until 1333. The ultimate defeat of Nitta resulted in the end of the imperial restoration and the rise to power of the Ashikaga family, which dominated Japan from 1338 to 1573.

      When Go-Daigo (Daigo, Go-) first rebelled against the Kamakura shogunate in 1331, Nitta, as a Kamakura retainer, helped defeat the emperor's armies. The following year, however, Nitta switched allegiance and led the army that attacked and destroyed the Kamakura shogunate. He was one of the strongest men in the new court government, but he soon had a falling out with Ashikaga Takauji, another former Kamakura retainer who had also switched sides. Go-Daigo supported Nitta in the ensuing struggle, and in 1335 Takauji was driven from the capital, only to return a year later at the head of a large army and navy recruited from provincial warriors. The emperor's forces were crushed, and Nitta fled the capital, taking Go-Daigo with him.

      Takauji established a new puppet emperor at Kyōto, while Nitta set up Go-Daigo at Yoshino-yama, in south-central Japan, thus establishing two rival imperial courts, a northern court at Kyōto and a southern court at Yoshino. Nitta regained power in 1338 but died a few months later when he was hit by a stray arrow in a surprise attack.

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