neutron capture

neutron capture

      type of nuclear reaction in which a target nucleus absorbs a neutron (uncharged particle), then emits a discrete quantity of electromagnetic energy (gamma-ray photon). The target nucleus and the product nucleus are isotopes, or forms of the same element. Thus phosphorus-31, on undergoing neutron capture, becomes phosphorus-32. The heavier isotope that results may be radioactive, so that neutron capture, which occurs with almost any nucleus, is a common way of producing radioactive isotopes.

      Neutron capture is also named neutron-gamma, or (η,γ), reaction from the bombarding particle (η for neutron) and the emitted particle (γ for gamma-ray photon) and sometimes called neutron radiative capture because of the prompt emission of only electromagnetic radiation. Among the natural elements, boron, cadmium, and gadolinium are the best absorbers of slow neutrons by the capture process.

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