▪ Spanish scholar and rabbi
original name  Moses Ben Nahman , also called  Naḥamani , or, by acronym,  Ramban 
born c. 1194, , Gerona, Catalonia
died 1270, Acre, Palestine

      Spanish scholar and rabbi and Jewish religious leader. He was also a philosopher, poet, physician, and Kabbalist.

      Naḥmanides earned his livelihood as a physician and served successively as rabbi at Gerona and then as chief rabbi of Catalonia. He also attempted to mediate disputes between the followers and opponents of the philosopher Maimonides in Spain. As one of the leading rabbinical scholars in Spain, Naḥmanides was summoned by King James I of Aragon and forced to participate in a public disputation with Christians before the King and other notables. Naḥmanides, although victorious in his arguments, was forced to flee from Spain (1263) as a result of the debate, and he settled at Acre in Palestine. There he reorganized the Jewish settlement and, although advanced in age, began his most celebrated scholarly work, a commentary on the Pentateuch.

      Naḥmanides' Halakhic works, including numerous monographs on specific points of law, are considered classics of rabbinical literature. His commentaries on the Talmud greatly influenced the course of subsequent Jewish rabbinical scholarship in Spain.

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